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12 weeks - 17 months
Dear tired parent,

You knew this stage was going to be tough, but you thought you would be getting better sleep by now. Yet, you were up multiple times last night having to help put your baby back to sleep. Every time you thought you had done it, you were right back up 30 minutes later or, if you were lucky, maybe an hour or two later. The ideas race through your mind: Is she hungry again, she just ate!? Did the pacifier fall out? Maybe I’ll just bring him into the bed with me….Does this sound familiar?


It doesn’t have to stay this way. I have helped many families just like yours turn their sleep situation around!


Picture it: In just a few weeks, your baby will be sleeping through the night, not resisting naps, bedtime is enjoyable, and you are able to relax with your favorite beverage or TV show when it’s all done knowing your child will fall asleep easily and stay asleep. 


Sounds like a joke (I see you laughing!)? It’s not!

In your personalized Baby Sleep Plan, I will work with your family to achieve sleep success and coach you on how to teach your child to fall asleep on their own, how to fall back asleep if awoken, and lengthen naps.


I offer a wide range of support options, let’s find what will fit your family’s needs the best!


What kind of support do you think you want or need through the sleep training process? Click on a continuum bubble





Need help identifying the right support package? Let's chat!

Susan's Support Packages at a glance

Susan Chart new.png

Made your selection and ready to get started?


So, what’s next? Let’s get you started!

  1. Choose your plan based on the age of your child or book a call so we can figure out what is best for your family!

  2. Complete a questionnaire - I will review this information so I can tailor make a plan just for your baby and family.

  3. Follow up and Support - I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! 

  4. Sleep Success - Follow the plan, get results! 

Not sure which package is best for you? Let’s chat!

*I guarantee success in behavior modification. However, I can not guarantee success for those children who have a medical condition and may need the assistance of a doctor.

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