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Toddler with Wooden Toys


18 months - 6 years
Dear tired parent,

It is bedtime again and you are dreading what happens next. You know your child will insist on you staying in bed with them until they fall asleep and that always takes an hour. And you know that your child will get up multiple times over night stil insisting that you lay with them until they are back asleep. You will eventually give in and just bring them into your bed for the rest of the night. I know from experience how sleeping with your kids is not at all restful and you are really wishing you had a King sized bed. 


But, it doesn’t have to stay this way. I have helped many families just like yours turn their sleep situation around!


Picture it: Your child is excited for bedtime, falling asleep on their own, sleeping in their own bed all night long, and waking up at a reasonable hour in the morning. 


This is not a joke (I see you laughing!)! 


In the Toddler/Child Sleep Plan, I will work with your family to achieve sleep success and give your family confidence as we work with your determined toddler or child.


I offer a wide range of support options, let’s find what will fit your family’s needs the best!


What kind of support do you think you want or need through the sleep training process? Click on a continuum bubble





Need help identifying the right support package? Let's chat!

Susan's Support Packages at a glance

Toddler chart.png

Made your selection and ready to get started?


So, what’s next? Let’s get you started!

  1. Choose your plan based on the age of your child or book a call so we can figure out what is best for your family!

  2. Complete a questionnaire - I will review this information so I can tailor make a plan just for your baby and family.

  3. Book a Consultation - Lets talk it out! We will go over everything so you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to help your baby learn one of the most important skills of their life!

  4. Personalized Guidebook - You will get your baby’s personalized guidebook on how to support his/her sleep success.

  5. Follow up and Support - I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! We will have many touch points through our time together so we can be sure to adjust and adapt to things as we go!

  6. Sleep Success - Our time will not conclude until we have achieved or surpassed your child’s sleep goals. AS LONG AS IT TAKES. 

Not sure which one is best for you? Let’s chat!


*I guarantee success in behavior modification. However, I can not guarantee success for those children who have a medical condition and may need the assistance of a doctor.

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