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Sleepy Baby


0-12 weeks old

Bringing home a new baby is hard no matter how many times you have done it! I remember coming home with both my babies just hoping and praying they would be good little sleepers - Everyone talks about the sleepless nights but, wow, IT IS A THING. It was the hardest with my second born. 


It wasn’t too long before we were rocking her to sleep, feeding her to sleep, and having to go on car rides in the middle of the night and multiple times a day to get her to sleep. Yikes!


I wish I had a plan and knew what to do before falling into these traps. Don’t be like me and get help before it gets worse!!


Working with my newborn all inclusive package will fill you with confidence with your child’s sleep and is your first step in establishing great sleep habits for your baby and saving your sleep, also!


I will work with you and coach you on helping your brand new bundle of joy to learn healthy sleep habits from day 1. Our time together will focus on teaching your little one to self soothe and go to sleep independently as needed.  This makes a great gift for expecting parents, as well!


This is NOT sleep training and it is not the expectation for newborns through the age of 12 weeks to sleep through the night. My newborn package is designed to guide you through the newborn phase and, as such, I offer this service from when you book with me through 12 weeks of age.


The Newborn package is designed for babies from 0-12 weeks old and includes:

  • Nursery Evaluation

  • Questionnaire to understand your family

  • 60 minute private consultation 

  • Personalized sleep plan for your child 

  • Unlimited email support

  • 4 Follow Up Support Phone Calls

Newborn Package Price


If we begin a plan together before your baby is 10 weeks old, I will support you until your child is 12 weeks old. If we begin working together when your baby is 10 weeks old, we will work together for 2 weeks until your child is 12 weeks old and you have the option to enroll in the Hybrid plan (contact me for more details).


So, what’s next? Let’s get you started!

  1. Choose your plan based on the age of your child or book a call so we can figure out what is best for your family!

  2. Complete a questionnaire - I will review this information so I can tailor make a plan just for your baby and family.

  3. Book a Consultation - Lets talk it out! We will go over everything so you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to help your baby learn one of the most important skills of their life!

  4. Personalized Guidebook - You will get your baby’s personalized guidebook on how to support his/her sleep success.

  5. Follow up and Support - I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! We will have many touch points through our time together so we can be sure to adjust and adapt to things as we go!

  6. Sleep Success - Our time will not conclude until we have achieved or surpassed your child’s sleep goals. AS LONG AS IT TAKES. 

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